In the Spirit of E.W. Pearson: A Poem

Building and maintaining community is sometimes messy, sometimes uncomfortable, often hard work, and almost always rewarding.  The truth is:  We need each other.  Probably in ways we’ve never imagined.  And, if we’re wise, we will turn to those who came before us to light the way

I’m privileged to be a part of a community who is doing just that!

The following poem was written by life-long Burton Street resident, Charles W. Conley.  His parents owned their home and raised their family in the Burton Street Community.  The senior Mr. Conley cultivated the rich ground, now the original site of the Burton Street Community Peace Gardens, next to his home on Bryant Street–a prolific garden that fed his strong family.  One of the many strong families that makes Burton Street a place we love to live!

In the Spirit of E.W. Pearson

Exemplifying the triumphant feats of glory,
     perseverance and pride

With visions for Our nation, cities and communities
     for the betterment

Personifying what Unity brings and the coming together
     to make giant strides

Empowering generations to come and that with
     hardwork comes contentment

A solute to E.W. Pearson, DeWayne and crew for what
     they brings to the table

Reachin’ for the Stars; we’ve come so very_____far.
     “Shared dreams of Oneness.”

Others will follow in footsteps
     Nothing is impossible just focus and stay in STEP…

By:  Charles W. Conley
West Asheville & Burton Street Resident

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